Season 1, Episode 36

Seth And Mike Talk Food, Politics, Flags And Rock Hall!

 Seth and Mike are joined by Restaurant Reopter Tony Musachio, Mayoral candidate Jim Isabella, Burdick Custom Flags and talk about the Rock Hall nominations..

On this edition of THE SETH WILLIAMS SHOW w/Mike Cheselka, Seth and Mike have a filled Wednesday night. First Jim Isabella returns to give an update on his mayoral run. Restaurant reporter Tony Musachio joins the show from Hecks in Beachwood. You have to check out the food there. Joe Burdick from Burdick Custom Flags joins the show to talk about his American Flags and his new line of t-shirts which includes a Sethell shirt. Then the guys talk about the latest Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame nominations. Who got snubbed again and who should be on the new list of inductions. Why are country and pop stars getting in to a ROCK hall?.

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