Season 1, Episode 42

Curtis Danburg From The Guardians, Tony Musachio And Paul Rado

 Seth and Mike are joined by The Guardians Curtis Danburg talking baseball, Tony Musachio, and former producer of the Triv Show Paul Rado

On this edition of THE SETH WILLIAMS SHOW w/Mike Cheselka, Seth and Mike talk all kinds of things in the first hour and talk to restaurant reporter Tony Musachio live from Pinot’s Palette in Woodmere. Painting and having a beverage is a fun time. Mike had to leave for church and former producer for the Triv Show, Paul Rado stepped in. The guys talked to Curtis Danburg from the Clevelqnd Guardians. They talked all things baseball and shared stories from the past. The guys got a live update from spring training and even discussed the new rule changes. Seth and Paul finished the show talking about their past radio days and the fun it was being part of something special.

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